Over Achieved?

“Over Achieved”…………………………… is there anyone else tired of this description of last year’s team?????????  I’ve finally realized what it means when “experts” say that in 2009  the M’s probably or definitely “over achieved”… It means that the M’s proved them all wrong and they have no other way to justify it. So, they say that the M’s over achieved, does that mean they lucked out last year against… what… 2/3 of the games they won?  How does one over achieve in sports?  You are successful or you are not.  Rarely does one become successful without their own work to get them there, ESPECIALLY in a season where you play 162 games.

All of these “experts” go by things they can calculate. They’re just numbers. They don’t factor in tons and tons of different information that actually has merit to a teams success. Like the human element, for example. Look at the clubhouse, which seems to be taking center stage here again.  Guys are loose, having fun, and developing a “family” style atmosphere, even though the entire national media expects Milton Bradley to poison everyone in their sleep and laugh as he is the only player out on the field.  These experts don’t realistically calculate the pitcher’s and defensive focused park that Safeco Field is.  Sure they talk about it, but it is like a side note that really isn’t all that important in their final draft of what this team is capable of doing. They don’t calculate a very good management team that knows how to treat players, work with them, and get a lot out of on the field.

“Over Achieve”??? No…  Sorry experts, you guys were wrong! There was a reason this team was successful last year, and Russell Branyan hitting his home runs wasn’t it, and it wasn’t just some fluke, and it didn’t involve luck, or misguided umps giving away game changing calls like a ball called foul when it was five feet in fair territory…. cough cough New York against Minnesota cough cough.  09′s Mariners was a group that wanted to win for each other.  How do you explain such an impressive pitching staff accumulative ERA that used at least 13 different starting pitchers throughout the season?  How two no name relievers got the chance to make a name for themselves. A Center fielder became elite, a never before closer became a stud, a Right Fielder finally had fun and dropped his guard ever so slightly, a new catcher got everything out of his pitchers when they didn’t expect him to catch for them at the beginning of the year in the first place, a young king finally got the respect he deserved just without the hardware to show for it,  and two veterans showed a bunch of young kids how to have fun again.  This wasn’t a team pointing fingers because of failure every other game.  This wasn’t a team that allowed one player to drag others down with him when he didn’t get the runner in from 3rd.  This isn’t the team that focused on an error that changed the whole aspect of the game.

Over achieved? Sounds like the rest of the country needs to pay a little more attention to how Seattle is playing baseball… So I say, let’s start giving them more reasons to do such a thing.

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